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Cheap Hotel Room

Do you buy cheap toilet paper or get the cheapest hotel room available? For a little more, I bet you wouldn't mind staying in a nicer room and actually have a clean, bed bug free experience. You get what you pay for and insurance is no different. Saving a few bucks can cost you big in the end. State minimum coverage is cheap insurance and won't cover you if you are in a expensive wreck. If someone is hurt, you have to factor in ambulance, hospital stay, x-rays, rehabilitation, loss of income and pain and suffering. State minimum coverage will only pay 25k (KS & MO) for all of this. After that money is spent, the person will most likely come after your assets or future earnings and everything you have worked so hard for will be in jeopardy. The good thing about having a independent agent like myself is that I will shop based on value to make sure you will have insurance that will actually cover you at the best price possible.

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